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Celebrating Our 53rd Year of Dance!

The American Academy of Ballet, under the direction of Maris Battaglia, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. More than 147 students have gone on to achieve prominent careers across the States, Canada and Europe in dance companies, television and the Broadway stage. We are proud to continue that tradition throughout the many years to come! The Academy's success and continued philosophy over the years is that "love and discipline can work together in a warm and caring atmosphere to provide positive experiences that will last a lifetime."

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The American Academy of Ballet is a professional dance studio, founded in 1964. It is the goal of the Academy to offer the finest possible training under the guidance of a highly qualified faculty.


At the American Academy of Ballet, all forms of dance are offered. While the emphasis is on classical ballet, a multitude of other classes are offered, including pointe, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, lyrical, tap, pilates, acrobatics, and Broadway dance. Students are placed in classes based on age and level of proficiency from beginner to advanced.

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Ballet classes at the Academy are based on the Russian syllabus with Balanchine influence. Ballet has been proven time and time again to be the trunk of the tree of dance. The branches of the tree are the different forms of dance, all directly relating to one another and having its roots in classical ballet.

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The benefits of dance last further than any other activity or exercise. Besides grace, poise and appreciation for the arts, discipline and the physical and mental work are highly rewarding. A recent study in the New York Times revealed that students who study music and dance fare better academically. The effects of dance are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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American Academy of Ballet