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Celebrating Our 52nd Year of Dance!

The American Academy of Ballet, under the direction of Maris Battaglia, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. More than 147 students have gone on to achieve prominent careers across the States, Canada and Europe in dance companies, television and the Broadway stage. We are proud to continue that tradition throughout the many years to come! The Academy's success and continued philosophy over the years is that "love and discipline can work together in a warm and caring atmosphere to provide positive experiences that will last a lifetime."

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Throughout the past years, the American Academy of Ballet has had the pleasure of sending its intermediate and advanced students to perform at Disney World in Orlando, Florida! Performing at the Downtown Disney Main Stage, the dancers have had the wonderful opportunity to perform for a large audience as well as dance pieces such as Corsaire, Bach Concerto, Oklahoma, and Stars & Stripes amongst several others!

Oklahoma Astaire Corsaire

Not only did the dancers get to perform as professionals, they also were able to attend a dance seminar workshop taught by one of the many Disney World choreographers. The dancers were put through an audition as if they were auditioning for the Disney company and then learned several of the Disney Parade and Performance dances, in addition to learning tips and advice on auditioning for any professional company.

Disney 2011

In addition to the dancing, the students were able to explore the parks and enjoy themselves as well!

Disney 2013 Disney 2011
Magic Kingdom

The experiences and memories last a lifetime, with a special thank you to the event coordinator Jessica Burgasser. The work that went into these amazing trips paid off wonderfully in successful performances and the smiles on everyone's faces!

Magic Kingdom

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