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Celebrating Our 52nd Year of Dance!

The American Academy of Ballet, under the direction of Maris Battaglia, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. More than 147 students have gone on to achieve prominent careers across the States, Canada and Europe in dance companies, television and the Broadway stage. We are proud to continue that tradition throughout the many years to come! The Academy's success and continued philosophy over the years is that "love and discipline can work together in a warm and caring atmosphere to provide positive experiences that will last a lifetime."

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LehrerDance Collaboration

Lehrer Group

For the past five years, the Academy has been fortunate enough to be a sponsor of LehrerDance. Many members of the faculty are former or current members of the LehrerDance modern company, the only professional dance company centered in Buffalo, as well as former students. LehrerDance is a small, enviable team of dynamite Buffalo dancers comprised of 8 individuals who bring their own unique skills to the LehrerDance vernacular. From Break-Dancing to Modern, Ballet to Gymnastics, each dancer adds their own spice to the LehrerDance mix, keeping it fresh and evolving.

LehrerDance is an inspiring and innovative professional dance company based in Buffalo, NY. Under the direction of Jon Lehrer, the company showcases Jon's unique choreography and embodies his definitive style. Jon's extensive background in both the modern and jazz dance idioms fosters choreography that is organic, artistic, accessible and often humorous, reflecting life experience and the human condition.

Lehrer Group 3

The Academy has been proud to perform in a collaboration performance with the LehrerDance company, ranging in students from ages eight to eighteen. Dancers taking part in this performance will work hand in hand with LehrerDance dancers and Jon Lehrer himself to choreograph and learn pieces that the company members perform. Stay tuned for more information on future performances.

Lehrer Group 3 & Members

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