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Celebrating Our 52nd Year of Dance!

The American Academy of Ballet, under the direction of Maris Battaglia, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. More than 147 students have gone on to achieve prominent careers across the States, Canada and Europe in dance companies, television and the Broadway stage. We are proud to continue that tradition throughout the many years to come! The Academy's success and continued philosophy over the years is that "love and discipline can work together in a warm and caring atmosphere to provide positive experiences that will last a lifetime."

Princess Camp

Important Dates:

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2016-2017 Schedule

Scroll down to see our schedule, organized by style and dance class. Feel free to call the studio if you have any questions about what class levels to take and check out our class description page for information about age levels, style of dance, etc.

The AAB Office is open Mon-Fri 10:00a-2:00pm, Tues, Wed, Thurs 6:30-8pm, and Sat 10:00a-2:00p for registration and inquiries. Or you may call 716-688-4774.


Fairytale Dance (3-year-olds): Thursday 9:15, Saturday 9:15
Pre-Ballet I (4-year-olds): Wednesday 3:30, Thursday 9:15, Saturday 9:15
Pre-Ballet II (5-year-olds): Wednesday 3:30, Saturday 10:00
Ballet I (6 to 9-year-olds): Wednesday 4:15, Saturday 10:00
Ballet II: Wednesday 4:15, Saturday 9:15
Ballet III: Friday 4:15, Saturday 12:00
Ballet IV: Saturday 1:00
Ballet V: Monday 5:30, Friday 5:15
Ballet VI: Monday 6:30, Tuesday 5:15

Ballet A: Tuesday 4:15, Saturday 12:00
Ballet B: Wednesday 5:15, Saturday 10:00
Ballet C: Wednesday 4:15, Saturday 11:00
Ballet D: Thursday 5:30, Saturday 11:00
Ballet E: Monday 5:15, Thursday 5:15
Ballet F: Monday 4:15, Thursday 4:15
* There is an additional fee of $10.00 per month.

Intermediate I: Monday 4:15, Monday 6:30, Wednesday 6:15, Thursday 6:15
Intermediate II: Tuesday 5:15, Wednesday 6:15, Thursday 5:30, Saturday 1:00
Advanced: Monday 4:15, Monday 5:30, Tuesday 6:30, Thursday 4:00, Friday 4:30
Pre-Professional (invitation only): Wednesday 5:15, Thursday 4:00

(must take a minimum of 2 ballet classes)
Beginning Pointe: Tuesday 6:15
Pointe I: Thursday 6:45
Pointe Intermediate I: Monday 7:45, Thursday 7:30
Pointe Intermediate II: Monday 8:30, Wednesday 7:45, Saturday 2:30

Acro I: Saturday 11:00
Acro II: Saturday 9:00
Acro Advanced: Saturday 10:00

Contemporary I: Saturday 11:00
Contemporary II: Saturday 12:00
Contemporary III: Thursday 6:30
Contemporary IV: Monday 7:30
Contemporary Intermediate: Tuesday 6:30, Wednesday 7:30
Contemporary Advanced: Tuesday 8:00

Broadway Dance I: Saturday 1:00
Broadway Dance II: Friday 5:30

Hip Hop I: Tuesday 4:15
Hip Hop II: Wednesday 5:15

Lyrical I: Tuesday 5:30
Lyrical II: Monday 6:30
Lyrical III: Monday 4:15
Lyrical IV: Monday 5:15
Lyrical Advanced: Monday 7:30

Tap/Jazz I: Thursday 5:15
Tap/Jazz II: Thursday 6:15
Tap/Jazz III: Thursday 4:15
Tap Advanced: Thursday 7:15
Jazz Advanced: Monday 8:30

Variations Advanced (by invitation only): Wednesday 6:45

Adult Classes: Monday 7:30, Thursday 7:30


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